I’ve been sick as sick can be for the last 7 months~

No art and barely out of bed.

One part of my body after the other.

Doctors. Doctors. Hospitals with more doctors.

Operations. And

More diagnosis.

And operations and




With more diagnoses to come.

There no end in sight.

I’m devastated.


Happy 4th of July?

I’ve always had a bit of a conflict with the 4th of July. To wit:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Well yeah, as long as you weren’t Black, Brown, insert any minority here ______________, or, of course, a woman.

And the undeniable fact is: In the 241 years since those words were written, none, NONE of the aforementioned segments of society that make up these 50 United States, Washington DC ,  Puerto Rico or our other territories are yet on equal footing with the White man.

And with the event of Trump, we’ve seen, in real time and daily, very deliberate assaults on all manner of minorities and women – particularly Muslims and Blacks.  White America is terrified of the inevitability of a minority majority in the US, which is stated to occur by mid century and I 1) can’t wait and 2) hope that I will actually be able to see it, although I doubt I will be.

Perhaps by then  we will actually celebrate and cherish the diversity of these United States and territories.

Perhaps by then the Declaration of Independence we be edited to state “All Men and Women, of every color and creed are created equal”

And America will mean it.

Wednesday’s Wisdom ~ AKA: Apropos of Everything

~Studio Moon, NY “Battled Angel and Roses”- Mixed Media-2017 all rights reserved~

She was powerful.  Not because she wasn’t scared.

But because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.



New Studio Moon Boho, Zen Mixed Media Moon, Rose & Butterfly Assemblage – “Whisper”

Studio Moon, NY – Whisper – 2017 all rights reserved

Wood, artist plaster, found silk butterflies, handmade paper roses, faux pearls.

To see more pictures or to purchase please visit my Etsy listing here


Snafu of the Day………………


Literally every. single.thing.

Sad trombones mocking me.

They are positively giddy.


Bohemian Moon Ouija Board Pendulum by Studio Moon, NY

Bohemian Moon Ouija Board Pendulum By Studio Moon, NY – Copyright 2017

Wonderful tool for divination, fortune telling, meditation and personal guidance.

More extensive description and additional pictures found in my second Etsy Shop – Bohemian Moon Tarot Card Readings and Spiritual Goods – here


Today’s Snafu…….This One In The Studio

Every day it’s something and today it was

in my studio.

In case you can’t tell, it was a bookshelf.  I know, I know, it looks as if it was pretty damn weak to begin with.  How it looks in the picture, I would agree, but in it’s (and my) defense, it’s been standing strong for 10 years through blistering summers (until I got some blessed AC in there) and freezing winters (I still don’t have heat in there) with the walls expanding and contracting with each….it stood longer than I had anticipated.

But I will admit that it WAS poorly built in the first place 🙂  I had hired one of my son’s friends to build a number of shelves in my studio when we closed on the house and moved in.  Many of them she built well and will probably be up for at least another decade or two, weather be damned.  By the time she got to this one, however, hormones were raging as only 16 year old hormones can rage – either male or female – and she pretty much stopped working and then I pretty much let her go.  Ah, the dealing-with-teenager-years. Good, good times…………

This time, however, the same that I have done with new shelving I’ve added in the last decade, this book shelf’s replacement will be good old plastic.  They last forever, I can take them with me when I move and leave them to whomever when I leave the earthplane.  Win/Win/Win.

Replacement comes tomorrow.


New Card Addition To My Studio Moon, NY Tarot Deck – The Hermit

 Studio Moon, NY Tarot by Merry Rozzelle- The Hermit -2017, All Rights Reserved

Found images on canvas.

Canvases from 4″X4″ up to 16″ X 16″ available.  Please email me – Thesweetestmoon@AOL.com


The First Sunny Day and Clear Night In Weeks And I Spent It With



New Mixed Media Collage ~ “His Rescue” – Merry Rozzelle – 2017

“His Rescue” – Merry Rozzelle -copyright 2017

Mixed media on canvas – ink, paint, found vintage images.