New Studio Moon, NY Mixed Media Assemblage – “Trust”

Trust 2

Trust – Studio Moon, NY copyright 2016

Elements of this mixed media assemblage include – Antique Frozen Charlotte & Frozen Charlie dolls, wasp nests, twigs, lace from and vintage table cloth, vintage pearls, plaster, copper brads, found metal letters, plaster, wood.

This piece measures 7 “x 8” and is gallery wired for hanging.

You can see more detail pictures in my Etsy shop found here

Studio Moon Original/One of a Kind Tarot ~ The Fool

fool 1

The Fool by Studio Moon, NY copyright 2016

The most recent addition to the Studio Moon NY tarot deck I’ve been working on.

The Fool is the beginning of the tarot journey.  He or she represents new beginnings, innocence, childlike wonder, hope,  and a free spirit.

This image is copyrighted, but I do sell my mixed media collaged canvases that range in size from 4″X 4″ to 16″ X 16″. All canvases are square as my finished deck will be one of the few square decks out there.

If you are interested in purchasing a canvas, please feel free to email me at (hey, I’ve had this same address for almost 20 years – I ain’t changing now!)


New Studio Moon, NY Mixed Media Shadowbox Assemblage – “Protect” – 2015

This Studio Moon, NY mixed media shadowbox assemblage – “Protect” – 2015 – measures 14.25″X 8″X 2″ deep and depicts a mother bird protecting her nest of babies.  Wood, plaster, paint, wood stain, antique lace, found antique frozen charlotte dolls, silver metal filigree, grape vine, natural dried moss, faux pearls and glass rhinestones.

Studio Moon, NY - "Protect" - 2015

Studio Moon, NY – “Protect” – 2015

"Protect" - Detail 1

“Protect” – Detail 1

"Protect" - Detail 2

“Protect” – Detail 2

"Protect" - Detail 3

“Protect” – Detail 3

A more in depth description and purchase opportunity can be found here in my Etsy shop.  Thanks for looking 🙂