My Peonies Say “Hello”~

“It always seemed to me that the herbaceous peony is the very epitome of June. Larger than any rose,
it has something of the cabbage rose’s voluminous quality; and when it finally drops from the vase, it
sheds its petticoats with a bump on the table, all in an intact heap, much as a rose will suddenly fall,
making us look up from our book or conversation, to notice for one moment the death of what had
still appeared to be a living beauty.”

~Vita Sackville-West

Apropos of Everything………Good Morning Internet ~

I’ve been so ill for so long……………more on that later.

But in the meantime~

(Taken from my backstair case this morning twilight 5:15 am)

Morning twilight has broken. May your day be filled with blessings, however big or small.

XOXO (and for good measure) XO


An Amazing Urban Landscape ~ “New York as Utopia/Dystopia”

“New York as Utopia/Dystopia” – Torin Rozzelle Photography- 2016

This landscape takes me away – and I appreciate the title.  It can be realized as a utopia or a dystopia.

It always brings to me a sense of awe – something magical with kindness and cooperation – a benevolent kingdom. Hope lives there.

Had I seen it after the inauguration…..well……… can easily see where the dystopia may come in.

What do you see?