I’ve been sick as sick can be for the last 7 months~

No art and barely out of bed.

One part of my body after the other.

Doctors. Doctors. Hospitals with more doctors.

Operations. And

More diagnosis.

And operations and




With more diagnoses to come.

There no end in sight.

I’m devastated.


Happy 4th of July?

I’ve always had a bit of a conflict with the 4th of July. To wit:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Well yeah, as long as you weren’t Black, Brown, insert any minority here ______________, or, of course, a woman.

And the undeniable fact is: In the 241 years since those words were written, none, NONE of the aforementioned segments of society that make up these 50 United States, Washington DC ,  Puerto Rico or our other territories are yet on equal footing with the White man.

And with the event of Trump, we’ve seen, in real time and daily, very deliberate assaults on all manner of minorities and women – particularly Muslims and Blacks.  White America is terrified of the inevitability of a minority majority in the US, which is stated to occur by mid century and I 1) can’t wait and 2) hope that I will actually be able to see it, although I doubt I will be.

Perhaps by then  we will actually celebrate and cherish the diversity of these United States and territories.

Perhaps by then the Declaration of Independence we be edited to state “All Men and Women, of every color and creed are created equal”

And America will mean it.

To Trump~

Climate Change is real.  Climate is dire.

America isolated = America last.

You have taken the country I love and made it a pariah on the world stage in a mere 4 month’s time.

Saying I hate you is a weak statement.  As weak as you.

So I will say:

I LITERALLY hate you!

(Much stronger)

As America will be without you.





My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You Manchester ~

I’ve always said that good always ultimately overrides evil, for if it didn’t, the human race would have ceased to exist long ago.

Perhaps it’s a verbal expression of and for self preservation.

Perhaps it’s delusional.

Perhaps it’s the only thing I and those good in the world can cling to in these  increasingly violent and trying times.

So I will.


New Mixed Media Collage ~ “His Rescue” – Merry Rozzelle – 2017

“His Rescue” – Merry Rozzelle -copyright 2017

Mixed media on canvas – ink, paint, found vintage images.


An Amazing Urban Landscape ~ “New York as Utopia/Dystopia”

“New York as Utopia/Dystopia” – Torin Rozzelle Photography- 2016

This landscape takes me away – and I appreciate the title.  It can be realized as a utopia or a dystopia.

It always brings to me a sense of awe – something magical with kindness and cooperation – a benevolent kingdom. Hope lives there.

Had I seen it after the inauguration…..well………..one can easily see where the dystopia may come in.

What do you see?



2017 Is Here And Time For Some Brutal Honesty ~


Thanks for your wisdom Torin Rozzelle.  I will heed that call.

To Everyone~Happy New Year and may 2017 be your best yet.



Well, Happy New Year ‘Cause ~

“The End of the Year as We Know it” Stephen Colbert and Michael Stipe from REM


The Revolution isn’t Going Anywhere ~

And neither is my “Bernie 2016” sign  that I put up on our home 14 months ago:


Senator Bernie Sanders and Jane O’Meara Sanders have launched #OurRevolution – Check it out and join in: https://ourrevolution.com/



Rest in Perpetual Power ~

Freddie Gray

FREDDIE GRAY ~ August 16, 1989 – April 19, 2015