SNAFU Of The Day and a PSA To Dental Practices Everywhere ~


I have myself some dental implants, one of which has been giving me some issues, so I journeyed to my implant guy (who I usually only see about once a year) for a check and make sure everything in impant land is A-OK.  As with most dental folks, at the end of the visit, they give out some samples of toothpaste or floss or a toothbrush. They are dental people.  They give out dental things.  Makes perfect sense, yes?

That was my thinking too.

Post evaluation, I go up to the desk to make a second appointment and submit my payment for the day’s visit.  The office greeter, and I guess “goodbye-er”, comes up and hands me a small bag, which I acknowledged and thank her for.

When I arrive home, I check it out.  Impressive! They gave me a new car coffee cup, a small ice scraper and what I assume is a small container of squirty mouth spray.  Thank you very much Dr. Goel & co.

So I open the tube, give it a sniff and spray twice into my mouth, expecting the light, refreshing minty fresh that my olfactory system picked up 5 seconds prior.

It’s NOT light and refreshing.  It’s NOT minty fresh. And in a minor panic I start spitting it out and wiping my tongue on my sleeve (hey, it was the closest) while simultaneously searching everywhere for my reading glasses.

What the hell did I just spray in my mouth?

What IS this shite?!?

With glasses located, I search everywhere on the tube label which will tell me. I hope. I finally find it in (literally 2pt font) which I have enlarged for this blog post.

WHO DOES THAT? What dental practice that gives out dental things, gives out a spray tube that looks & smells like mouth spray but is, in fact, HAND SANITIZER?!?

Which tastes really terrible by the way. Not at all minty fresh, but like a thick coating of floor polish, or fabric softener or………….haggis.


In the future please stick to truely discernable dental things that even a 3 year old could name. Or if you MUST pass out hand sanitizer, package it in something that looks like, well, HAND SANITIZER and clearly labeled in a font larger than something only an ant could read.

‘Cause that was Not good, dental people.  Not good at all.






One thought on “SNAFU Of The Day and a PSA To Dental Practices Everywhere ~

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