Tuesday’s Tune ~ Adele – When We Were Young

I love this song. It reminds me of raising my (now adult) child and growing with him. I was the last of 6 kids and by the time I came into the world, whether it was because of their burn out, absence of interest (more on THAT someday) or lack of money for camera film & processing, there were frightfully few pictures of me as a baby or a child save for school pictures. I knew of two.

When my son came into the world, I documented everything. Every freaking thing. I have 1000s of pictures of him and would have the same of video if I could have afforded a camera. But alas I could not so I kept on pointing and click, click, clicking.

He flew the nest 3 years ago after obtaining his degrees. He lives 7 hours away and soon 1000s as he is moving overseas. Whenever he comes to visit, the clicking resumes. And still, he smiles.

They are, and will always be, my most prized possessions.


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