Tuesday’s Tune ~ Adele – When We Were Young

I love this song. It reminds me of raising my (now adult) child and growing with him. I was the last of 6 kids and by the time I came into the world, whether it was because of their burn out, absence of interest (more on THAT someday) or lack of money for camera film & processing, there were frightfully few pictures of me as a baby or a child save for school pictures. I knew of two.

When my son came into the world, I documented everything. Every freaking thing. I have 1000s of pictures of him and would have the same of video if I could have afforded a camera. But alas I could not so I kept on pointing and click, click, clicking.

He flew the nest 3 years ago after obtaining his degrees. He lives 7 hours away and soon 1000s as he is moving overseas. Whenever he comes to visit, the clicking resumes. And still, he smiles.

They are, and will always be, my most prized possessions.


New Studio Moon, NY Mixed Media Assemblage – “Trust”

Trust 2

Trust – Studio Moon, NY copyright 2016

Elements of this mixed media assemblage include – Antique Frozen Charlotte & Frozen Charlie dolls, wasp nests, twigs, lace from and vintage table cloth, vintage pearls, plaster, copper brads, found metal letters, plaster, wood.

This piece measures 7 “x 8” and is gallery wired for hanging.

You can see more detail pictures in my Etsy shop found here

Studio Moon Original/One of a Kind Tarot ~ The Fool

fool 1

The Fool by Studio Moon, NY copyright 2016

The most recent addition to the Studio Moon NY tarot deck I’ve been working on.

The Fool is the beginning of the tarot journey.  He or she represents new beginnings, innocence, childlike wonder, hope,  and a free spirit.

This image is copyrighted, but I do sell my mixed media collaged canvases that range in size from 4″X 4″ to 16″ X 16″. All canvases are square as my finished deck will be one of the few square decks out there.

If you are interested in purchasing a canvas, please feel free to email me at TheSweetestMoon@AOL.com (hey, I’ve had this same address for almost 20 years – I ain’t changing now!)


Tuesday’s Tune~ The Person Who Invented Rock and Roll

And it ain’t a dude!


SISTER ROSETTA THARPE- Born March 20, 1915                                                                                                                                                   Passed on to heaven October 9, 1973

Sister Rosetta Tharpe 4

Sister Rosetta early in adult careerSister Rosetta Tharpe 2.jfif

Sister Rosetta Manchester England 1964

Let’s hear a bit, yes?

After that you want to know more about Rosetta don’t you? I know, I know ! When I first learned of Sister Rosetta years ago, I could not get enough. I had to find out everything I possibly could! I mean, previous to that I, like many, I considered the inventor of rock & roll, Chuck Berry – The FATHER of rock and roll. He’s still completely deserving of the title of Father, but inventor? NAH. That title & honor belongs to Sister Rosetta and I believe that Mr. Berry would agree. He often spoke highly of her; how she was an inspiration to him throughout his life and career.

When you have a little time to relax, pour yourself a nice libation – hard or soft-and enjoy this documentary of Rosetta’s life.  Super interesting. Don’t get too comfy though. She will have you out of your seat and dancing in no time! Enjoy.




Our Finger Lakes Drought Broke…………(At Least for an Hour or So)


It’s been rough here in the Finger Lakes this summer. Usually our spring starts in late March and by April she is in full swing, compete with semi-warm showers that bring……..well you know.

This year there wasn’t much of a winter and it seems we just skipped a proper spring and shot right into summer.   It’s been over 90 degrees here for more days than it has been ever in the 9 years we’ve been here.  In South Florida my 1950s house had no heat.  Here our 1840s house has no AC and most of the downstairs windows are painted shut. Yes really. Yes still. We usually have a couple of days of 90+ weather a season and the rest is rather reasonable. And we DO have opening windows in the 60 year old addition (relatively new one’s even) and in our kitchen, so the typical 70s & low 80s days pass by with a few box fans to keep us in comfort.  Not this summer. We’ve been in the mid/high 80s pretty consistently and as mentioned, 90s. A lot. The box fans blow around nothing but hot air. A lot of hot air.

What we’ve NOT had a lot of is rain. We are in a massive drought. A dangerous drought.  Hoses have been banned. Grass is burnt to a deep crisp, if it’s even still there at all. Which most of ours isn’t. I’m grateful that I swore off a garden this year after two depressing years of tomato & potato blight late in the season. Yep, months of work wiped out in a few days flat. Meh. This year I would not have had the water means to even get that far with the plants.  Even our trees now are majorly stressed.

Silver lining (there is always one if one looks hard enough) – Only about 4 trips on the on my special summer friend Johnny (Deere) this entire summer. I mean I do like Johnny but not every other day as we have been used to the last 8 years ;).

And today, TODAY the skies opened.  Not for long, but that they did.  And I snapped a picture or two to remind myself what it looks like in case I don’t see it again.  ‘Cause I ain’t holding out hope, but I will for the white stuff. Come on November!