New Studio Moon, NY Mixed Media Shadowbox Assemblage – “Protect” – 2015

This Studio Moon, NY mixed media shadowbox assemblage – “Protect” – 2015 – measures 14.25″X 8″X 2″ deep and depicts a mother bird protecting her nest of babies.  Wood, plaster, paint, wood stain, antique lace, found antique frozen charlotte dolls, silver metal filigree, grape vine, natural dried moss, faux pearls and glass rhinestones.

Studio Moon, NY - "Protect" - 2015

Studio Moon, NY – “Protect” – 2015

"Protect" - Detail 1

“Protect” – Detail 1

"Protect" - Detail 2

“Protect” – Detail 2

"Protect" - Detail 3

“Protect” – Detail 3

A more in depth description and purchase opportunity can be found here in my Etsy shop.  Thanks for looking 🙂


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