Simple Mold Making Day~

The day is happy when Studio Moon NY (me!) makes  some simple molds ( a couple times a month) ~

I make a lot of molds of everyday items that I feel I can ultimately use in a vingnette or any other piece.

I love mold making and I have one hell of a love affair with alginate.

It is, in fact, better than some………..

Moving on.

The sellers tell you that it may last one or two molds at the very most.  I’m here to tell you I disagree.

My tip:

Once cast and original plaster object removed, cover mold with wet paper towel.  Encase in a closed plastic bag or freezer bag and put in the fridge.  Yeah, they will ultimately deteriotate but not until you have gotten a decent amount of castings.  I run  a good 8 🙂

Definately worth the ching-ching alginate can be.

Second tip: Ask for alginate….Every. Single. Holiday.  It’s worth it.

Third tip: Some wine never hurts the process.  Really. Never 🙂





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