Dear SCOTUS – Racism in the US is Far From Over, But You Knew That

Ferguson 111

Picture taken by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, a poet and adjunct professor at University of Colorado, on their march through Rosebud Mo for Journey for Justice.

Journey for Justice was a 7 day action of about 50 protesters that walked from Ferguson MO to Jefferson City to protest for the civil rights of Black and Brown people as a whole, particularly men, and the police brutality/racial profiling of Black and Brown men by an increasingly militarized police.

This action concluded successfully today with their arrival in Jefferson City.

The protesters along the way were met with racist resistance and counter-protests featuring Confederate Flags, signs filled with racial slurs that looked like they came out of 1955.  Racists also protested the protesters by lining roads and screaming slurs as well as placing watermelon, fried chicken and 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor (could they get anymore cliche?) along points in the road.

The creepy women in the picture literally followed the protesters in her car, all the way through Rosebud, while flashing this sign out the window.  The expression on her face makes my skin more than crawl; full of smug hate and distain. She found pleasure in this. PLEASURE.  As did most of the racist counter protesters they encountered along the way.

News Flash creepy lady and racists in general:  The year is 2014 and the Supreme Court says that racism in the USA is over.  Apparently you and a whole host of others in the USA have ignored that memo.

Would you like to address that ignorance, SCOTUS? I dare you.

If you can stomach it and want to see more of the overt hate encountered on their journey, please follow Andrew on Twitter – @AndrewMKdotcom as well as #Journeyforjustice, #NAACP, #Ferguson and #Michaelbrown.

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