Hobby Lobby and Ginsburg’s Dissent


 I am so royally pissed right now regarding the SCOTUS 5-4 decision today regarding Hobby Lobby and their assault on 1) women’s rights and 2) opening the door for PRIVATE corporations to shove their religious beliefs down out throat and with that stamp on all of our rights of freedom FROM religion, I can barely type.  Gratefully,  Justice Ginsburg’s dissent says it all smartly and eloquently.

Mark my words, this decision will be overturned because as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg states so clearly “The Court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield” .


Read Ginsburg’s Dissent here.


4 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby and Ginsburg’s Dissent

  1. It is all fine and dandy UNTIL it is a religion OTHER than Christianity wants to express their practices and the Constitution people are “fighting to protect” does not discriminate or specify one religion over another but so the mine field goes . . .

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